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Reviews for "Empty Feelings"

could the symbolism be the colored in face or the noncolored parts?

SignHerePlease responds:


Yeah it's succubus. Love them! They suck all your life through... well, you know the idea. I bet you do. Immense charms, beauty and strenght. Those yellow eyes seems to be evil and selfish the marks on the face, lips and tongue shows more affection, really every small detail here that I see is a big difference. I love it! I'll be waiting to see your DARK THOUGHTS, full of lust and passion!

Her colored face is the mask that she wears to hide the empty feelings that are the gray portions, which I assume is the inner "emptiness" ? That's my best guess lol

SignHerePlease responds:


hey have you forgotten me? do not remember me?good drawing
xX_ _ _ _ _ _

Man, I was high as a passenger riding first-class Delta yesterday. I saw this and it scared the shit out of me.
It looked like like she was coming out of the screen, trying to reach out to me or something.
I tried to reach out to her, but then I remembered, she isn't real. Guess I fell asleep, cause I woke up on the floor, with this image still there.

I guess I'm still a little groggy, or paranoid. I can see her eyes look at me, then look away. I spent a couple of minutes hoping she would look at me. Hoping she would look me in the eyes. I need some sleep.

Nice work. I like the coloring and shape of her lips. She looks pretty kissable. Ugh.
And those eyes. I wish I had eyes like those, they look awesome.