Reviews for "GG's Ultimate Arcade"

great games lots of fun

This kid is amazing every game keeps getting better

Time for a long review.

Ok, where to begin. The game was very hard, not the games themselves, but getting the scores needed. The toy room is a nice addition, although very evil because the game doesn't tell you how to unlock all the toys. But anyway, on to the games.
UP BALL - This was the hardest one of all. Even though it's the first game, it really hard. The graphics were nice and all, but controlling the ball was a nightmare until a figured out a trick to win easily. You wouldn't believe how many times I got 19 points. Grrr...
TENNIS CATAPULT - Quite easy actually, I found this and all the games in the middle were the most simple. You could have added some clouds to the sky in this one. I got this one in the first try, and beat the score to get it in the toy box.
THE SKATER - The longest of all the games because it starts out so slow. Hmm, I remember playing something like this in warioware. I like the freaky texture in the skater, but maybe you could make the wheels move on the skate board? The blurred trees in the background gave me a headache.
CRAZY RACERS - Ahh...much easier than the last game, pretty straight forward, I got the toy box amount too on my first try.
HIT A GOPHER - Another easy game. I would suggest adding more time to the clock (60 seconds) and having the gophers stay up for shorter times if you want it to be very hard. Yep, got the toy box "amount" here too.
PROTECT YOUR MILK - A cheesy version of overrun. The stickmen look kinda like spiders to me. How come there was no point counter?
FALLDOWN - I've played this on the calc, nice remake, but not much else to say.
CUBE CRUSHER - Trying to confuse me aren't you? Well you did. Atleast I got mostly red arrows. I like this one because I thought it was one of the more original games. You could expand this farther if you wanted to.
MAGNETISM MINI- Heh, this wasn't that hard to beat, but that gravity changer screws me over every time. I think you should make a game out of this...oh wait.
KEEP IT UP - Meh, not that exciting, I would have liked something along the lines of ankaroid or something. The gravity made it tough though. Another game for potential to become bigger (well, with power ups, gravity shifter and enemies)?
STOP THE CLOCK - Well, if I did good on your other timing game, I'll do good on this. Simple, but fun.
LIGHTNING GAME - Pretty easy, but not your greatest graphics on the character. This one and its half version are sweet.

And the password is...
Don't worry I won't spoil anything, I'll leave that to someone else. I really love this collection of games. I'll see you on the front page, and plenty of questions on how to unlock the toys in this on the bbs. Added to favorites.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

wow long review.


This is pretty damn cool, to the front page!


its very very very very hard but the toy are fun


the toys are really funny. those were pretty cool games