Reviews for "GG's Ultimate Arcade"

Fun game, reminds me of Wario Ware, too

This game is fun; it's a bunch of little games that you can play over and over. THey remind me if the mini (not micro) games in the Wario Ware series. Good job on the game!

P.S.: Glitch alert! I unlocked the clock by getting 13.3% on the gopher game.

Fun collection

I like this game collection. It is very entertaining. One suggestion is that if you ever have any free time you might want to work on the graphics but overall everything else is awesome.

it was ok

it was ok but i couldent get past the up game with the lava and i couldent get past the skater game

good game

i really like this game. it is so full of little games. must have all toys

fun fun fun, good job man

i havfe unlocked all the games and now im just working on unlocking toys..make another game collection like this pleeease, it's very fun.