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Reviews for "Zombium"

'_' WHAT THE HELL !!!!!!!!

that was funny but how dare your rip off lilum Classsic ending Your funny nice parodie


That was very gay. What was the point of making that flash if it doesnt even have a plot. Were you trying to get a stupid laugh because zombies arn't supposed to act polite? If that is the case then you are just another retarded random flash maker on Newgrounds. Acually make a nice series instead of fagget-ass random joke flashes.


that was...um...interesting. it was a tad funny, but i didn't really like it....


I'm sick and tired of these lilium parodies They're so stinking stupid why don't you get your own idea! The graphics were okay and everything else was horrible.

DonovanBarbera responds:

That's what zombies sound like. Do you know my friend Zombium?

zombie is scary...

the graphics were okay, but, very few. a little more effort in the graphic section wont hurt.
honestly, i didn´t get the humoristic appeal of that flash. but you´re being so serious about it, so i´ll try to believe the fun is in there... somewhere.