Reviews for "Sci-Fi suit"

This is a great example of both simplicity and complexity. The simplicity is in the pose and shapes, everything is well set up and very clearly communicated, and yet the image is quite complex, you show here a very clear understanding of how light bounces of certain materials like metal, and where shadow would be very strong. The character's silhouette is very refined and well done, I have nothing negative to say about this image, however I'm curious to see what else you can do! Keep up the great work.

Well done, indeed. The shadowing I feel is the best feature of this work- it contrasts very nicely with the lighting source from above. The armor is very nicely done; it seems that it would flow very fluidly whilst in motion. Even though there is all the metallic covering, there is the strong sense of a good character within (at least as I interpret it) who would answer the call for the greater good of society. I'd say, for just a bit of improvement, make the armor definition lines a bit stronger, but not in a way that contrasts the shadowing effects of the plates around the joints, or the dull greys of the metal plates themselves. I'd also enhance the appearance of the shadows a the feet of the character- a stronger appearance as the light source is above the character. Still, a good job.

TheSilentDane responds:

Thanks for the critque! Really helpful :)

I dig it. Would have liked to see some detail on the bottom half but you were playing with light so I get it. Good stuff nonetheless.

Reminds me of the Warframe characters a great deal, nonethless a really nice sketch.

i like the emphasis on the uper body. and this is just a personal preference of mine but i wpuld have a darker gradiant or weaker light on the less detaild lower body. but still it look pretty precessional like concept art. so im pretty moist right now.