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Reviews for "i shit blood on a burger"


It deserves 9 1/2.Good game for beta.This passes the judgement protected.

Yo, that was awesome!

Based on the title, it didn't sound good, but this was actually really good. The only thing I didn't like was how small the bullets and targets were, but maybe that's just because I stink. Good job, and good luck in the future!

needs work

id say after a little work on what ur shooting at, the backround, and maybe make the gun have more detail this would be a great game.

BTW when i say work at what ur shotting at, i mean have like it red or something not white.


Really nice game, id say that if anyone takes this game and moves it to their site they should be killed. Or sued, whice ever is better.


If someone does see that game somewhere else there isn`t going to be a profile to find your email address silly.