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Reviews for "i shit blood on a burger"

It gets boring..

Its fun to play at the begining, but it just bores after a min or so..
needs more stuff maybe different targets..or something..


well aparently its a beta so i guess theres no upgrades. but if i have to blast away five thousand little balls i'm not gonna be impressed even if i'm using new weapons. plus the uber repetitive CS voice was getting to me.

does it ever end?

should have been blammed...not fun..first wave never ends..i seriously sat there bored off of my ass hitting little white balls...50 of them..hoping id get to upgrade weapons or soemthing soon...never comes

Nothing worth playing

I personally think this isn't a worthy game. It's just a rip-off of the old missle comander game for the atari with a few upgrades and a better soundtrack. If the controlling was easier it would be a much better game than it is now


Not that your game is bad or any thing, you seem to have some glithes. First was the moveing the mouose after a sho moves the bullit enabling you to hit two bomes at once, This may be what you want I dont know you didnt give enof info at the start. Second is the bomes that fall on the far right, exlpode, without you shoting at them. Just something you mite want look into. Anyway good game, I enjoyed playing it, you get a 4/5. Chao =^•^=