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Reviews for "i shit blood on a burger"

It was ok

It was an ok game the only thing is that its way too long. And theres no crosshair so the shots arent that good. If theres an upgradethat you could buy then NM.

((( COOL FUN )))

This was a bit addictive, i like the way you set this all up, and how smooth you made your gameplay, and all the detail you put into this game is good. The animations are nice, and i like your menu at the start that gives you a lot of good options, you made some really nice controls in here, i like how smooth they were. The music goes good with the game, it was a addictive game to play...


Boring ...

This game is a poor rip off of an older Atari game (and I prefer the Atari game over this one) ... The music was annoying cause a) it was a crap song and b) cause it continually loops ... No point to the game, maybe work on it some more, maybe throw it away.

Fo Shizzle

bout time someone made a pimp game like that..... *bows before game*.... imma play it again


the song was pretty cool but it looped over and over