Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"


do u have sumthing against jewish people? this cartoon is a piece of shit. I dont even know why it was on the front page and i dont know why people like it.



Irrious responds:

Oh you're jewish? That sucks dude. I'm so sorry.


Like saying george bush is christian.

Bad flash

Even though hitler was hatefull, he was a pure guineus! You try to convince a whole nation to start killing people, I like to see you try, you can't, can you?!

Pathetic flash, Adam, you've eaten too many potato pancakes, way too many latkes, too much carbs, to say the least

what is funny about this!?

Dude, I can find humor in a lot of things, but hitler and the holocaust is not one of them. This was filled with potential, just the wrong subject. Get some morality, why don't you? Or are the sociopathic joys of some psychotic tyrant you veiw of humor?