Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

funny as hell.

this is the most funnies shit I ever seen. good work


im sorry that the jews cant handle this but it was pretty fuckin funny.make another 1.

that was funny as hell

Awesome flash. My favourite part was at the end though with the mouse thing blowing his own fucking head off. That was the first time in a while I've actually laughed out loud at a flash cartoon. Good stuff

this was great

haha i lvoed this i thought it was halarious, especially when the pig goes "your hitler, your like the next jesus" and its so random but its funny as shit great work man i loved it

F those idoits

Man, i thought u did a great job with the whole scene. If people thought it was an anti-semitc thing, then they mustn't be watching the same thing. He never said that it was right, or that what happend was good, i think most of the people who wrote in forgot a little word called SARCASM. Yes the pig did say some stuff like that, but the whole flash is slammin Hitler. People, u need to grow up, and not to get so mad at shit that was ment to be funny. If he wanted to make some anti jew thing, it woulda done it. So i say relax.