Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

Superb voice acting! Funny as hell!

The voices reminded me of the banter in Dr Kaatz...
Hitler trying to keep it on the DL..ha! Exposed by a chicken leg eating pig named Dave...
Great Job!

Funny shit...

hilarious.... ! to the end... a little jew bashin' never hurt anyone. The pig persona was funny and added insult to injury. ;)


yeah, that was great..reminded me of familly guy. one thing i loved about this flash, besides the fact that it totally rocked, was to read the reviews and responces you made to the retards who were offended by this lmao. anyway about the flash, the graphics were pretty good...while the mood of the flash reminded me of family guy, the style of animation reminded me of somthing else..but i cant quite put my finger on it..lol anyway ya the sound was all THAT bad i could understand most of it..just some lines by the pig i couldnt understand. lol this review is gettin long..so i guess ill just end it here..

Funny stuff

It made me laugh, I can see the joke and I found it funny


Awsome Job dude! Its so freaking hilarious!!!!