Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

Don't do drugs!!!

I have to admit, when I saw the preloader I thought that this couldn't be that funny. You surprised me. The pig was qutie funny. The whole thing was very random, but spontonaeity is the spice of life. The ending made me burst out laughing. Good job. Keep it up.


It was ok, for some reason it reminded me of a scene from Family Guy though.


CONTROVERSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahh who cares, What happen was bad, who says it isnt is a , 'scuse my french, fucktard. Nice graphics, good sound the humor is somewhat what i like, the light chatter. Does a Jew who likes this make him a Self hating Jew

Censorship offends me

anyways how long does it take for the goddamn pig to swallow that piece of chicken...i wonder if it was kosher...


very good indeed, however I hate when a contreversal topic gets posted on newgrounds. everybody gets angry, and on this flash in particular it is not nessasary to get worked up about it. so fuck you people who cant take a joke.

Hitler in a Jewish Resturaunt?

No, that's not worthy of being bitched at. That was pretty damned funny. The improved voices were good, and that pig was damn hilarious. Keep making flash videos.