Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

twisted but funny.

i liked it good job. just an ordinary random video that was unique and pushed the enveloppe. well done.

The Best

This movie is the best. This movie has the most hillarious ideas I have ever seen. I loved every second of it. The pig guy was awsome and the ending was sweet. The diaglogue was by far the best thing about this movie. People who got offended by it are weak (wasn't a ton of racism in there as far as I can tell, unless you can be racist twords Hitler). I don't remember any insults directed twords Jews at all. Keep it up!

Great fucking flash

I don't think it's offensive enough to freak out about - if people can't take a joke then they shouldn't be exposed to cartoons like this and anything else in the first place. Improv was really good - on the spot - expressions were hilarious - keep making more - but I don't know how far you can make it with this concept alone.


The voices were unclear at a part, and I don't know wtf u talk about in ur comments, but I wouldn't think of another holocaust.
Be happy that some people know its good

very good

I'm part german so yes i do aprove of hitler and the holocoust very nice