Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

funny as hell

the only reason iam rating this low is because iam jewish but it was still kinda funny no not realy just offensive and iam part german too so like hitler could of killed my moms dad's dad oh well her dad was an asshole any way

ps. iam not realy jewish but i am german


that was one of the funniest things iv ever seen. keep doin what ur doin man it was great. who wouldve thought hitler and a pig would be so funny!?

that was cool

that pigs an asshole. i didn't see anything anti-semetic here

People are a bunch of whining pussies

Okay lets get this straight to all the people offended by it you have every right to be, but you don't have every right to piss and moan like a little girl about it. It was a Joke get over it. EVeryone knows the Holocaust was a horrible thing but you have to realize he's not promoting it nor is he laughing at the Jewish people that died. He was taking the whole thing about hitler being hated, and making a joke of it

you people need to either Grow up...Or stop watching Flash cartoons because a lot of them are considered offensive. so its not liken anyone is gluing your eyes open and making you watch it, you watched it out of your own free will. so quit your bitching

By the way i thought the movie was hilarious

you gonna pick the onions off or are you going to eat them?

Wow! A magical everlasting chicken drumstick! LOL

Dude, that was so fucking hilarious! I love the script, and the characters. PLease make more and turn it into a series