Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"


that was funny lol, the voices were well done too.
Seriously, funny as hell


awesome flash keep it up
very witty and subtle kiind of humor not laugh out loud but awesome
and like other people said lighten up a bit people jesus christ i mean its not anti-semitism its just people being funny! i commend you for doping this it must have taken a lot of guts to put this on newgrounds but im really glad it made front page
keep it up maybe do like satan in a irish bar or something that would be awesome
or even better bush in a bar in iraq
anyways keep making flashes no matter how much flak u get for it

Irrious responds:

I laughed out loud... at your spelling.

I thought it was funny

I dont see why people are so stupid. Its a cartoon... Its fake... not real... god people need to get a life. Anyways I really like this and im giving it a 5, plus this is going on favorite submissions. Keep up the good work man and later.


God read the writers comments...IT WAS A JOKE GET OVER IT....
It was funny specially when the pig was like "its hitler over here"

My Favorite Cartoon on here as of Yet!!!

Dude... This is some funny stuff... I mean come on... The Numa Numa guy went world famous with his thing that started on here but I tell you what... This blows that Numa Numa fruit cake right out of the water!!! My brother in-law and I mimic this cartoon all day at work just to keep a smile on our face!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Irrious responds:

Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment.