Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

Great stuff

that was hilarious. I could see it making front page actually.

Kick ass.

cool movie, although, it makes me wonder why hitler had an american accent....oh no! he's been working for the american goverment all of along!!

anyhow, great movie.

funny shit right there

that was a very funny movie, and it wasn't racist so if anyone says it is it isnt, its funny stuff and good animation good job!!!


You're like Jesus, cept you have a mustache...XD THAT WAS FUNNY AS HELL! Who cares what these Hitler haters think. I hated Hitler, hell yeah, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna laugh at him talking to a pig in a Jewish Deli. That was classic stuff man, kudos to you my friend.

That was pretty awesome

I dig the concept, I dig the animation. I pretty much enjoyed the whole thing. I dont get offended by anything, so like. I loved the whole Animation. so Ignore the whiney bitches. They're just... Soft.