Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"


What the hell man!

This had some under par graphics with a talking pig and very simple animation. I could'nt make out anything they were saying cuz they were talking too fast. It just goes on and on and on. Not entertaining!


It was ok, for some reason it reminded me of a scene from Family Guy though.


funny, oh dark gemeni we didnt watch this for a history lesson, its a spoof, to be funny, but i guess you didnt get that part i agree with you on G.W Bush though

Hitlar a normal guy lol

K one guy said hitlar was a normal man who wants to help his economy???? Alright pal cmon get your head of your ass, yes thats what he was trying to do but, dont u think theres a lil sumthing wrong in his mind for killing millions of innocent ppl? Last time I checked thats not under the "normal guy" catagory.

the flash was funny but lil long

DA-Big-butts didn't study something

DA-Big-butts you appearently didn't read your stuff about hitler which was so called wrote by jews ever read a book called mien kiemp the author is hitler himself.i liked this light hearted take on hitler rather then the evil monster that your history books portray hitler.In the truth of the matter hitler was a normal man with the idea to help his countrys economy but you wouldnt understand that.No comparision to george bush who is a idiot and wouldnt have the slightest idea on fixing his country.One more thing hitler didn't have sex with his niece,his mom wasnt a jew,and he didnt commit suicide(hitler hid in russia until his death,this was proven after the kgb released photos and documents of hitlers holding)