Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

For people with a certain sense of humor

If you watch Family Guy and get all the little social jokes, then you will greatly appreciate this. It was pretty frickin' hilarious in my opinion, very FG-esque, even in animation style, and the VA sounding like a normal dude just made "hitler" even more hilarious. Great conversation between them, two, way to keep a meandering conversation go on without getting dull, and even family guy did/does that once in a while.


hmm funny sometimes but no fantastic stuff or whatever
but still pretty good, keep up good work =P

cool man it was good

nice graphics it was ikinda funny with the piss in the underwear too lol.keep up the good work.i gave an overall of 6.

That was pretty funny actually

The animation was pretty good, plus Dave's conversations with Hitler were both funny and somewhat interesting at the same time (it's a little hard to explain why). Anyway, the ending was pretty random with the "Say no to drugs" line along with the bloody gunshot, but hey, it was random in a good way.


tat was well funny nd anybody who takes it seriously, "cough" dartidus44, is completely retarded nd never heard of a joke but anyway tat was hilarious rofl