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Reviews for "Super Phone Conflict"

at last

Excellent bile animation spilling all over the screen to wash away all the shit stick figure flashes I viewed tonight. Good fuckin job! Great perspective, flowing animation and attitude!

pretty damn spiffy!

shame about it not being made into a game... but i can deffinatly understand it
ive got so many things ive started and not finished in flash

thats the reason i have nothing on newgrounds

you did a great job on the animation of the characters!

Its a shame....

It really did look like it would have been a nice little game. You really should think about doing something with it, or at least let someone have a wack at it..... oh well.

Freakin sweet

that would be a great game if you made one. Nice inrto


that was so freakiin crazzzy ..i go0d characters too....l0ved it ..we want m000000re