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Reviews for "Super Phone Conflict"


dude.... if you can pull this off and actually turn this into a game.....


that was fucking awesome.

victrolaface responds:

At least I can say someone offered to have sex with me in order to finish this game. My mom would be proud.


It definatly would work if it was made

Freakin Sweet!

This game looks awesome. I checked around your site and most of that stuff was great. I really hope you finish this game soon I've always loved the "VS" series. Good Luck!


That would have been a sweet flash-game. I can't believe the music was actually by a real band! I was thinking at the time "Can someone who's had 1000.5 cigarettes really scream like that?". It sounds like some guy just yelled in a microphone for you, lol. Music was terrible, but the intro and scrap work was amazing. Hopefully you plan on finishing the game?


dude i loved the intro and the sprites were insane why the hell are u not gona finish it this is awsome. u should not even think of giving up flash with enough work somethin like this could become the next alien homind