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Reviews for "Super Phone Conflict"

I wish it was real!

The animation was great. The intro was pretty freaky. Will this ever be made into an actual game...by you?

Brain damage

woah.....The animation was superb but I missed the plot, I would love to see this made into a game, It seems such a waste the little fighting animations were great and would with the right AS be made into an impressive game.
The Images were well extremely cool....and if by your comments you mean your giving up flash all together ( If I understand what your saying correctly) I urge you not to and please continue with your animations as it seems such a waste of talent. (when i say waste i mean your talent could be utilized in a way that everyone can enjoy what you have to offer)


Kickass graphics and sweet animations. Cant wait to see er' finished. Good job


Definitely some great graphics and animation. Doing something with it would be nice though. Make a movie, make a game, but don't let this concept go to waste.


That would be cool