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Reviews for "Super Phone Conflict"


It sounds like you got some grindcore in there :), you get a 5 for the music and the animation, it was awesome.

victrolaface responds:

Someone likes the music! I'm so happy.


Beautiful! I love your style. It definately looks like you've spent alot of time on this.

victrolaface responds:

Too much time.

It rocked big time!

Wow I never saw such an original and energetic flash at the same damn time on NG
Make an movie out of it
i nean 4-5 minutes one
5\5 4 this shit man!
u rock


I have been waiting for this kind of game to come out. Pure handrawn 2-D side scroller beat em up with super combos. I played the demo and wow it's really good. The hit detection is amazing. The graphic FBF is perfect, got a great style. You guys could make the next "alien hominidish" game. Bring back the old school 2-D GAMES!!!! This stuff reminds me alot of the Streetfighter 3. Handrawn character. real smooth movements.

Streets of rage

Are you kidding me that Streets of rage one of favorite game so go make super phone conflict or else i will wish a horrible fate on you.