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Reviews for "Super Phone Conflict"

pointless, short sighted yet awsome

dude, if i had a flash maker or somtn, i'd make a game, not a movie showing how the game's gonna b. But, if u did turn it into a game i wouldn't play it cuz it would make meh computer waaaaay slow

Looks good

we will just have to wait and see the finished product


I'm kinda speechless.

On one hand, I'm thoroughly confused about what was going on when I watched that.

On the other hand, I'm so disappointed that never came into fruition. Just twisted enough to be awesome, story-wise. Plus Streets of Rage gameplay?!

As the guy before me said, that game would've been face-melting.

He said rocking, but c'mon. Faces melt.


very insane, over the top
character designs, with a
very slick and highly stylized
visual look, that makes it so
appealing. the style feels fresh
and upbeat that i look forward
to whenever the hell it might be
finished. truely creative and
original in the sense of the word.
score: ***

nice one

i really have no idea whatsoever what this animation was all about, but it was pretty cool one and the audio was great too. nice to see this one on the NG front page too.