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Reviews for "Super Phone Conflict"

pointless, short sighted yet awsome

dude, if i had a flash maker or somtn, i'd make a game, not a movie showing how the game's gonna b. But, if u did turn it into a game i wouldn't play it cuz it would make meh computer waaaaay slow


plz make a game outa this plz it looks freakin awsome its incredible an i cant wait if u do plzplzplz make GAME MUST HAVE WOOOO!!!!!111!1!!!!@@!2342$``~~~!!!

(note: i think thats a run-on sentence...)

freaks me out...

but still... like salladfingers, creepy and i dont understand a shit... but thats the beuty of it :)
nice, but a "bit" weird...


that was so freakiin crazzzy ..i go0d characters too....l0ved it ..we want m000000re


wha........... who farted?

my mind just go powie!