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Reviews for "Super Phone Conflict"


have you ever been in prison?
very good tho-
ill vote you 5/5...


Beautiful! I love your style. It definately looks like you've spent alot of time on this.

victrolaface responds:

Too much time.

It rocked big time!

Wow I never saw such an original and energetic flash at the same damn time on NG
Make an movie out of it
i nean 4-5 minutes one
5\5 4 this shit man!
u rock

Look at it frame by frame

Some part move to fast to get the point. Wasted animation and so on. Like with the mountain/volcano and the lighting; you'd have to watch it over and over to catch that. I went through all the frames on at a time.

Don't give up though.


it always sucks to see what could be, especially when what could be would kick total fucking ass. i would pay you to finish this game. i really would :| im sure lots of people would. its a very unique idea and the characters are great..i get a kind of FLCL feel from it too for some reason. probably the girl and how fast paced it is. anyways, i reaaaallly hope you havnt given up completely on the game. keep up the good work and make sure you finish the damn thing or squirrels shall steal your nuts -_-