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Reviews for "Super Phone Conflict"

Freakin sweet

that would be a great game if you made one. Nice inrto


plz make a game outa this plz it looks freakin awsome its incredible an i cant wait if u do plzplzplz make GAME MUST HAVE WOOOO!!!!!111!1!!!!@@!2342$``~~~!!!

(note: i think thats a run-on sentence...)


Your syle is amazing, it's brilliant, shame there wont be a game made out of this.

Look at it frame by frame

Some part move to fast to get the point. Wasted animation and so on. Like with the mountain/volcano and the lighting; you'd have to watch it over and over to catch that. I went through all the frames on at a time.

Don't give up though.

This would have rocked the Alphas Section

Unfortunately, this isent quite the Alphas.
Looks to be a promising game though.. Does that turtle have any connection w/ the ninja turtles? xP