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Reviews for "Super Phone Conflict"


I have been waiting for this kind of game to come out. Pure handrawn 2-D side scroller beat em up with super combos. I played the demo and wow it's really good. The hit detection is amazing. The graphic FBF is perfect, got a great style. You guys could make the next "alien hominidish" game. Bring back the old school 2-D GAMES!!!! This stuff reminds me alot of the Streetfighter 3. Handrawn character. real smooth movements.


How dare you! Continue your pursuit! Its a sure-fire cult classic, i tell ya!

freaks me out...

but still... like salladfingers, creepy and i dont understand a shit... but thats the beuty of it :)
nice, but a "bit" weird...


By what diobolical perversion of reverse inspiration did you decide not to make this? It would have been the supreme ruler of all things remotely similar to it.

Freakin Sweet!

This game looks awesome. I checked around your site and most of that stuff was great. I really hope you finish this game soon I've always loved the "VS" series. Good Luck!