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Reviews for "Super Phone Conflict"

Make it into a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv that song thats playing too.....

make this into a game

no really... make this into a game.

Or i will castrate you.


That would be a pretty good game....

You should complete it. Maybe change some of the characters, not the ninja turtle though he's pretty sweet.


that would be such a good game! =O You should make it into a game!
If you do please tell me when it will be out...


That would have been a sweet flash-game. I can't believe the music was actually by a real band! I was thinking at the time "Can someone who's had 1000.5 cigarettes really scream like that?". It sounds like some guy just yelled in a microphone for you, lol. Music was terrible, but the intro and scrap work was amazing. Hopefully you plan on finishing the game?