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Reviews for "Super Phone Conflict"

Its a shame....

It really did look like it would have been a nice little game. You really should think about doing something with it, or at least let someone have a wack at it..... oh well.

pointless, short sighted yet awsome

dude, if i had a flash maker or somtn, i'd make a game, not a movie showing how the game's gonna b. But, if u did turn it into a game i wouldn't play it cuz it would make meh computer waaaaay slow


You should hand this over to someone else - it could be one of the greatest flash games ever.

This would have been good...

I liked it. I totally was into the intro. Maybe you ought to pursue a flash movie just about the characters and not worry about the game. It looked to have some awesome graphics.

Would of Been a Great Game

It's too bad that you're giving up on this because it would've been a great game. The graphics were amazing and so was the animation for the sprites that you made.