Reviews for "Project Chaos"


YOu sir are a great artist. nothing more


perfect factory battle music.

You wasted 2 seconds reading this review title

but this song makes up for it!
CHAOS! like Kõtaro füma likes it!

nice track

I really liked the buildup at the beginning, it's another loop track but it works great as some kind of bossfight against a big enemy or as a chase track, the sounds weren't very complicated here but you've used it really well, nice work NT!

-Sinister Aura-

Too short?

I throughly enjoyed hearing this some in the game 'Flash Racer'. But, the one in the game appears to be a full version... so I'm wondering why this one is so short. WIP?

NemesisTheory responds:

Loop. :)

That, and, before the portal update there was a larger (or smaller, really) size restriction and the full version didn't fit, so I made the part easiest to listen to loopable, and this is the result.

I'm glad you digged it though. :D