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Reviews for "xKore - Chrono Cross"


Woww this is soo damn awesome, i really love the feeling of it.
Really keeps you going XD .. One thing that might be fixed is the bassdrum
which is a littlebit weak. However, it sure gives that nice 'flat' feeling to the song =o
This song is going right into my favorites!

Very nice xKore! <3

xKore responds:

cheers man, the bass reduced for some reason durin rendering, only really noticed now 0.o


Chrono Trigger is the Most Legendary RPG Ever!

Sorry Eatlyh for using your sentence, but I couldn't really say it any different... I tried for a minute....really, I did. =P

Back to this Kick Ass Song, WOW Bro... Pulling this off required some talent , and I'm still just amazed. You managed to keep it integrated at a High Speed while having some Wild Melody Note Placements... Your Score Must look Crazy As Hell... lol

Soooo, after hearing this, I had this thought. You should try Remixing the Crystal Melody from Final Fantasy. It's been in just about everyone of them... I think you could prolly do something big with it...

Fucking epic!!!

dude, this shit is epic, i've never even heard of that game and now u make me wish i had it. seriously though. excellent beat, absolutely no flaws whatsoever. i wouldn't change a single bit of this epic masterpiece, great job!!

could be louder <3

I love this soong! I used to remix Chrono Cross music! I'll upload my remix when I get promossions from the moderator ^^ anyway.. I'm suposed to review ur music now and not my own XD

I like how you combo the drums (like ParagonX9). The main melo instrument is so fantastic to this song! and the background lead. <33

Great work xKore! <3

rly cool!

This is soo Epic but fantastic man! :D