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Reviews for "xKore - Chrono Cross"

Much Epic

I see why ParagonX9 has this as 1 one her favorites. Very well put together. I'd like to see more like this coming.

scar of time

thats the name of the song lolz

good work c4v(hope you dont mind if i call you this?), excellent job on this one, some very original ideas, loving your synthwork mayne, the filtered drop was very nice, wasnt expecting the swing section. cool shit yo, great variations to make this a REAL remix

things to change IMO:

-the bass was unique, but the gated sound is not suitable for the actual melody, i'd favor something smoother for the majority of the song
-the main melody could use some more prominence in the mix, seems way to distant. Thicker chorus effects and whatnot. Needs to be juicier IMHO.

I cant believe youre this good already and you've only been working on music for a year and a half now?
ruining ur streak of 10s lolz


I just love how the beats came in. It gave the song a great amount of energy. The various synths and the background piano went well. Great mastering as well. Overall this is one good song. :)

My Favorite game

The original song was called Fields of Time. The track was played while you were traversing the over world map in your home world. anyway, this was an amazing remix, I love how you kept some of the original elements in your remix.

Nice man

I'm not sure what genre it is.

I'm really diggin' this man, good mastering (as always). The breakbeat was nice and i liked the effects in the background. Everything fitted together, and it's just before time this will get used in a game..


Keep it up man!


Love ur music man :-)!