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Reviews for "xKore - Chrono Cross"

To Xeilaris

Chrono trigger is the most legendary RPG game ever!!! (SNES console)
Chrono Cross is a sequel to Chronotrigger... (PSX console)
If you have played final fantasy,dragon quest,etc u should download zsnes and then chrono trigger ROM...

Great Song

Titles aint my thing, but anyways i listen to this song alot. So i finally decided to do a review. Im not sure what Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross is (is it an anime) but nontheless this is a great song. Im not sure but if its possible i'd edit the volume

better than the original

i think the original song named "The Dream That Time Dreams" CMIIW

nice remix btw ^^


Nice song, could listen for hours! :D

Nice Remix.

Two gripes tho. 1. A song as intense as this should be a little louder. 2. I'm pretty sure this is the opening to Chrono Trigger not Chrono Cross. I know both songs. Other than those 2 things the song is really good.