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Reviews for "xKore - Chrono Cross"


this is just epic.... i mean it... really...


I'm definitely a fan of the Chrono games, and this remic makes me wanna dust off my ps2 and bust out trigger/cross for some good ol' reminisicin'.

As for your title dilemma, I'm pretty sure that's the main theme of Chrono Trigger. (Aptly named 'chrono trigger' in its OST.)

If they remixed it for Chrono Cross, I'm not sure what the title'd be.

What a song

this... this is truely amazing!

Fucking epic!!!

dude, this shit is epic, i've never even heard of that game and now u make me wish i had it. seriously though. excellent beat, absolutely no flaws whatsoever. i wouldn't change a single bit of this epic masterpiece, great job!!

Chrono Trigger is the Most Legendary RPG Ever!

Sorry Eatlyh for using your sentence, but I couldn't really say it any different... I tried for a minute....really, I did. =P

Back to this Kick Ass Song, WOW Bro... Pulling this off required some talent , and I'm still just amazed. You managed to keep it integrated at a High Speed while having some Wild Melody Note Placements... Your Score Must look Crazy As Hell... lol

Soooo, after hearing this, I had this thought. You should try Remixing the Crystal Melody from Final Fantasy. It's been in just about everyone of them... I think you could prolly do something big with it...