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Reviews for "xKore - Chrono Cross"

rly cool!

This is soo Epic but fantastic man! :D

nice song but

it is certinly a good song but it has bad mastering and mixing

could be louder <3

I love this soong! I used to remix Chrono Cross music! I'll upload my remix when I get promossions from the moderator ^^ anyway.. I'm suposed to review ur music now and not my own XD

I like how you combo the drums (like ParagonX9). The main melo instrument is so fantastic to this song! and the background lead. <33

Great work xKore! <3

Almost awesome.

Very excellent, except for the part around 2:21 kinda throws the mood of the song off a bit.

Oh, and this is actually the Chrono Trigger theme, but they a different arranged version for Chrono Cross, and it's called Plains of Time.

But, either way, very well done.

Where's da bazz

Other than 2:20.

I'm sure it was the style of music, but still, I think it could've been much more p0w3rfu1 1f 17 had m0r33 b00m.