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Reviews for "Infernal Disco"


Somehow this reminds me of Diddy Kong Racing. I guess it's the upbeat melody that does it. It does sound like it would fit in some kind of racing game, though. :P

10/10 5/5

Isn't this a loop?

I dunno much about music, but I didn't like that violin-like (?) string instrument that sometimes played in the song, but I thought it fit in very well near the end when you had it faster and flowing together better (from 1:23 onward).

definitely sonic-like

This really reminded me of stardust speedway's good future mix in Sonic CD, and of quartz quadrant's good future, which is practically a remix of the same song.
Funny someone mentioned Sonic R, since they're also quite right. The song in question ("living in the city") is just Sonic Cd's quartz quadrant theme sped up with lyrics over the top. ;-)

still sounds WIP-ish, but could be good.

Perfect Vision

I have never been to a disco, but i have heard disco music. All of them are great but this one beats them all. As soon as i heard this it placed a perfect image in my mind of me partying at the disco. It was if i was really there. Thanks for the happy thought. 10/10 5/5

Guy below me is so right

First thing I thought of, actually. Only remotely good thing that came from that game was the tails doll though, which wasn't exactly good. This song is still pretty good though.