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Reviews for "Street Fighter:TUS Part 2"

Getting Better

Heya Remember me lol. Ok This one was real good but a FEW things were messy. For example The kick that Ryu does in the beginning and in the movie is not the Shoryuken thats the uppercut. I dont really know what its called but it sounds long . Oh yeah When ryu charges up his blast thats also not shoruken its the Shinku Hadouken. Please fix this stuff :)

Also another 5 for you. Oh and loved the song in the Alex/Ryu fight scene :)

Big-Dave responds:

cool dude thanks for the tips! Its very useful! I'll try my best to put the propper sounds in with the right parts!


this was effen awesome
like darkcloud2 except in tokyo and it had a bitter scenery like dragonball Z... King_of_shao is right! you need to make fighting faster!

one of best street fighter flashes ive seen!

my god it was great can't wait to see part 3!

Pretty cool...

Nuf' said...


You improved alot since your first one. Fighting is faster pace and
the story got alot better! Like the previous one, this is going on my
favorites. Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!