Reviews for "[DJ-G] Happy Poing Loop"

Not too bad

It sure as hell poings. Try channeling that somewhere else.

DJ-Galax responds:

Alright, sure!

idiotic, just like me :D

this is so idiotic
thats why i love it :D
pure, simple, and a hell of a laugh :D
really TOO funny :D you probably didnt expect to see 3x 10/10 in a row :D but you deserve it, totally on funny-ish :D
too bad you hear the end/start of the loop, try making it more of a loop
costs you half a point, but 9,5 becomes 10 :D

i'll be jumping in my room if i listen to this music too much
here it comes, oh noes
poing ... poing ...... poing poing ... poingpoingpopopopoing
aaaarch xD

DJ-Galax responds:

Haha, thanks!



DJ-Galax responds:

Lol. Thanks! =D


You made me laugh, till i cough, till i vomit, till i fart, till i crap.
Pure lol!
This is great stuff!
Nothing more to say.

DJ-Galax responds:

Lol....thanks, I guess. ^.^