Reviews for "[DJ-G] Happy Poing Loop"


I would of Givin u a 0 but

most people are allready gunn give u one in the future

and it seems like you already know that this shit shudent even bee here in the top 5.

and i find it insulting to alot of people who work like realy hard on there music and make Brilliant tracks

Especialy from the Hip Hop Portal

and get over shadowed by peoples Boredom

This is basicaly New Grounds going...

"Fuck you", to every one who has good music that did not make it here"

53 votes
360 listens

score rank: 54,968
score: 2.71

TOP 5!!!


brilliant Deduction New Grounds!!!

[no offense to DJ Galax]

brilliant deduct

DJ-Galax responds:

I indeed never thought this would make it...it doesn't belong there either. :/

I'm sorry.

Not to bring your score low, but its true.
This would not represent the top 5 in the NG Audio Portal.
Its catchy, but its not best for the category.

DJ-Galax responds:

So a 1? A 1? How about a...like...4, or 5?

Have to agree with tjin..

I wish the top5 would represent the 'best of the week'.

Not a 'pure random loop I mode when I was bored'..

Meh the AP is screwed, yo.

DJ-Galax responds:

Have to agree with you there either.


This getting in the top 5. THIS, top 5.

I'm going to shoot myself in the face now.

DJ-Galax responds:

Lol, I'm as surprised as you. I only was bored...how did THIS get in the top 5?

Poing Poing Poing

I think I might actually have a use for this believe it or not. Well it is short and simple, but it should at least actually loop well.

DJ-Galax responds:

Alright, thanks!