Reviews for "[DJ-G] Happy Poing Loop"


this song reminds of bouncing bunnys:) LOOOOOOOOL!!!

DJ-Galax responds:

Thanks! =)

Well..... it's...

Great!! i'm gonna use it in a flash...
(when i get done with a sculpture i'm making) :D

DJ-Galax responds:

Cool, thanks!

Ima raver your a raver

You should get some vocals in there saying, you wanna have a go on my pogo stick?

at the end of the loop so it kicks back in! that would be so cool!


DJ-Galax responds:

haha lol, thanks

wow this is awesome

lmfao the boing beat is so perfect with that synth in the background going dun dun dun

DJ-Galax responds:

Haha, thanks!

holy jesus ballz

dude im in love with this loop i love the poings

DJ-Galax responds: