Reviews for "[DJ-G] Happy Poing Loop"

Made me laugh

Its funny... I like the loop, makes me smile =D

DJ-Galax responds:

Thanks! =D

this song is really gay

i love this incredibly gay song

DJ-Galax responds:

how can you love a gay song?

Good for game

But i'm rather dissapointed this got top 5 to be honest :/

DJ-Galax responds:

:P Thanks anyway!

Nice pace

Not a lot to say here about a 13 second song, lol, though I really liked it's pace, fast, but even, nice job with that. Thouhg might I suggest you categorizing it as a video game loop, because it really does sound like something out of a video game. Anyway nice job with thsi one man, 5/5 from me. :)

DJ-Galax responds:

Alright, thanks! I might do that!


This reminds me slightly of something out of paper mario, or somethin' like that. It actually took me a while to realize that this was a 13 second loop lol. For that you have fooled me, i give you a 9/10 :D

DJ-Galax responds:

That's a 10/10. :P

But still thanks!