Reviews for "/SN/ Can it Get Happier???"


I really like it, Sounds like a Breeze & Styles, Stu Allen kind of track.
Keep up the good work :p.

SessileNomad responds:

fucking sweet, anyone who thinks i sound like Breeze is goood with me

lol ser. though, thanks for reviewing

foresty... yum

i get the happy feeling when the drums and synth come in. love the intro.


i love it

SessileNomad responds:

lol thanks for review man


The transitions on this song are simply amazing. The melodies on this song are brilliant. I fucking love this song!

The beginning was pretty good. The ending was flawless. The feeling on this song is a mix between euphoria, peace, and adventure on the upswing parts.

I agree with you when you say that this song is great. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

SessileNomad responds:

OMFG YES!!!!!!! i finnaly got a 10 from blackattackbitch

my life is COMPLETE!!!!!!!!

jesus ive been working forever to get one from youman, but im always getting 8-9s

well then, im glad you liked this track enough to give 10, im truely happy

i liked my little ding at the end, pretty quick thinking on my part...

i have to go, my finger is swelling up, i think a spider bit it....nooot good

peace out


Piano IS the best instrument!

Great song.

SessileNomad responds:

yeah it pretty much is


This is simply and truely amazing. I loved the transitins in this song from piano to techno, i never even noticed it!

i loved this song thats really all i can say lol. 10/10 5/5 fav song fav artist and downloaded

P.S can you plz pm me or put on here the program you use or a good one thats cheap? I love music and i want to compose with a better software than some cheapy thing on the internet. Cant wait to see some of your other work!

SessileNomad responds:

i use FL studio, no it is not cheap