Reviews for "/SN/ Can it Get Happier???"

You should name this "o.m.g. Trance"

Yeah the intro was cool and all but i was just like fuck this i want to get to the trance part already. Yeah i think it should just cut strait into the trance part at 00:11 lol. When it got into the trance bit it was good. Very good. I hated that thing that went from 00:33 to 00:46. The crazy lead starting around 1:30... it started off way cool, then got out of rythmmmmgrrr, still sounded pritty cool nontheless. that thing at 2:03 that was way awesome, to go back into the piano. Well yeah thats pritty much it.

That little thing at the end was awesome and then lol. Reminded me of old anime.

Well it was good yeah. Im mak'n a crappy song atm but im busy with studying 4 examzz so it will probably be crap lol. ok

--the end--

"There is no try, there is only do" Yoda

SessileNomad responds:

lol you must have a pretty A.D.D mind to be like "wtf get to the transorz!!!" after 11 seconds...


yeah that crazy lead i put in, i pretty much just added that so thiis song could have a dark side, and i though the synth sounded sick as fuck

yeah the ding, i thoiught of it right as i finished the track

i luv yodas...