Reviews for "Great Weed Drought of '03"

great 10/10 sweet sh*t!!!!!!!

dude its just the very same here right now except with shrooms instead of acid im lovin it.....well not the situation but the.......well you get the point all in all this is pretty much my life

been there

we've all been here. it sucks. and that's why scientists invented acid, and the irish invented whiskey! YAY, IRISH SCIENTISTS!


Anyone who has smoked for any amount of time knows how it feels to go through a drought,but you took that concept and made it not only funny but entertaining as hell.good job,I wanna see some more vids like this yo

Funny ass video.

I watch it a lot :) always makes me laugh.

Now I can understand wanting to get high, and not being able to. I'm in that situation right now. But remember when Fernando said "make your problems seem like solutions?" If you're ever in this situation why don't you just say "Oh boy, I get to live life sober for a while." I mean, I've been sober for 2 years and it's good. Although, I'm starting to hook up with my sellers again. :P I'm starting to miss tokin' up.

hahaha thats hella funny