Reviews for "Great Weed Drought of '03"

Front page material right there!

This was perfect. Funny as hell.
The characters were original and intersting. That is a big change from the normal newgrounds movie.
I realy, realy liked it. keep it up!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks a lot!!

That was sweet.

cool man, very well done. lots of clever things going on here, the blonde dude reminds me of Sickboy from Trainspotting.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yeh now that you mention it...

anyway thanks

An example of what Flash movies SHOULD be

This is exactly what I look for when coming to newgrounds. A well plotted, well drawn animation. I'm not even considering the topic (which i don't mind at all, btw). The events just flowed and the animation went very well with it. Kudos!

By the way, I think I noticed a little DBZ inspiration to your drawings. true? false? I think you'd do well in a DBZ styled animation.

This was "good shit"

This was a really interestingly cool flash, because you were able to place veiwers in the eyes of a person getting high, and convey the life of a junkie. I felt that this flash's theme was akin to the 1980's movie A Reqium for a Dream, since it showed the downward spiral into drugs. It was also very humourous, as the junkie went back to work after presumably spending loads of time off just to get fired by his boss. As the last review states it was very difficult to hear a lot of the dialogue. Good Job!

I remember the '03 Drought....

those were hard times! I had to grow a few plants in the woods behind an abandoned barn to sustain my friends and me. I'm sure glad those days are over! Great flash hun, keep up the great work!