Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Chaoz Airflow"

Hey there

i personally dont know you, the only thing i know is, every time i listen to one of your songs i know i get the best, every one of your songs is absolutely brilliant and this is just another example of perfection, well done!

damn your a music goddess

i listen to the majority of my music on newgrounds and you have to be one of the most talented music creators here. This song is quite epic sounds like you pulled it right out of a megaman game XD love your stuff 10/10 5/5


This song made me have a joygasm x.x! So fantastic, keep up the work or I think I'll just cry Q.Q

I've listened to a LOT of your songs..

and I've listened to a LOT of artists, and I'm asking myself if you do this professionally, and if not, WHY THE HELL NOT!

just being honest. keep rockin!!!

Awesome, as below.

But not quite the work of musical genius that Fantasy was.

Then again, I'm not sure if that is possible, so you're still doing alright.