Reviews for "ROBO3000"

lol nice

"come with me if you want to get laid"

You saw this years ago BECAUSE IT WAS MADE YRS AGO

Check the date it was made: 6/21/2005. This is the original, and since it's robot day, Fulp probably put it on the front page as a classic...which it is =P

For those who still don't get it. This is the original.


Oh man this is so hot...

I sure do hope...

That the people reviewing below DO REALIZE... that this is IN FACT... The original? ;p

This still makes me lol

This movie is still as funny as when i watched it way back when.

for everyone who thinks he stole this, youre idiots. Theyre just bringing back this classic to the front page for robot day. he submitted it back in 2005,
just check his profile.