Reviews for "ROBO3000"

Continue ? Never happening...
Still funny after all these years. Thx for the memories!

I thought this would be more profound, but it was really anything but. I'm not that much into adult toons like this. Still, it entertained me. It was certainly unpredictable. The animation really was good. It reminded me of John K.

The setup is really good. It wasn't that rewarding. This is one of Tom Fulp's favorite cartoons. The voices are quite appropriate. Those genitals can't taste good.

Punch the hipster, LOL!
I was having a hard time finding this, i heard it was good, and it was

I've been looking for this, I remembered seeing it back in 2005. I still think it's hilarious. Just curious, was the animation influenced by the Ren and Stimpy adult party cartoons?

see yah.