Reviews for "ABC's Vs. 123's"


This was very good! Great style and it went perfectly with the music.

I liked it!

A really original idea, and Im a ddr nerd so I like the song too. It flowed well, and everything went well with the music.

Graphics: Letter and numbers to make a movie, nothing too amazing, but still pretty cool.
Style: Really original, I dont think ive ever seen a movie that uses this idea before.
Sound: Just a song, and it wasn't even the entire song. But I like the music, so I gave it a decent score.
Violence: I guess there was a little violence with the letter truck shooting at the numbers.
Interactivity: There wasn't even a play button..but you can scroll and click on your link button...
Humor: Not really funny.

hot shAt

it picked up and was going in the right direction more towards the end, but then it self-replayed. i was dissapointed. it was pretty tight tho

XD brilliant!

That was... much more than mildly amusing. Thank you for offering me the time to watch this interesting, creative, and amusing flash :)


That's a very good concept. That's some cool-assed abstract shit.