Reviews for "ABC's Vs. 123's"


i really liked it the way u made stuff out of the letters and numbers

I liked it!

A really original idea, and Im a ddr nerd so I like the song too. It flowed well, and everything went well with the music.

Graphics: Letter and numbers to make a movie, nothing too amazing, but still pretty cool.
Style: Really original, I dont think ive ever seen a movie that uses this idea before.
Sound: Just a song, and it wasn't even the entire song. But I like the music, so I gave it a decent score.
Violence: I guess there was a little violence with the letter truck shooting at the numbers.
Interactivity: There wasn't even a play button..but you can scroll and click on your link button...
Humor: Not really funny.

Interesting idea...

And I love Exotic Ethnic or whatever that song is called. It took me a minute to remember where I knew it from.

Good job

Great idea well carried out


This thing was awsome. I loved how you almost ONLY used letters and numbers.

Starogre responds:

Where didn't I use text?